End of the semester blues: The finals rush

The end of the semester means a lot of different things. It means we’re one semester closer to graduating. It means almost a whole month where we don’t have to worry about classes. But it also means stress.  

For a lot of students, the end of the semester can be extremely stressful. Between last minute projects, term papers, and test, there’s a lot on students’ minds. It doesn’t help us either when some professors run out of time so we’re told we are on our own for the last chapter or so on the test.  

Every semester starts out with a syllabus, but half the time the professor strays from the set schedule and leaves the students hanging dry.  

Emma Bailey, a sophomore chemistry and forensics science major said, “I feel like the end of the semester feels rushed depending on how fast a professor moved through the material throughout the semester and there’s a lack of motivation overall in the case of some students.”  

Sure, we’re supposed to be adults and are supposed to be able to take responsibility of our work load, but people learn differently. Some people can’t learn just from reading. There are different types of learners, and professors tend not to offer students different ways of learning. The rush at the end of the semester is also a huge problem.  

With the end of the semester, comes all the final projects, which seem to be thrown at us all at once. Everything is rushed this time of year. We get project after project, paper after paper, and test after test. There is only so much, one brain can handle and this tends to be everyone’s breaking point.  

Shelby Ogonzaly, a sophomore genetic engineering and forensics science major said, “The end of the semester is quite a stressful time because of the ever-occurring demands of professors and the endless assignments piling up. This time of the semester feels very rushed because the professors need to quickly get through material before the end of classes.” 

Overall, the end of the semester is more negative than positive. That is, until we get to Frolic. Which allows everyone to relax 

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