Community Connect: 150 years of memories recorded in handmade books

On November 16, 2017, the handmade books project was released to close the 150th celebration. This was a project in the making as it was done of the course of a year in which students, faculty, and people of the community were able to come together and make paper. 

The community engagement project was headed by Cedar Crest College Professor and Art Department Chair, Jill Odegard. 

This was fresh paper made from pulp and design with emblems that represented Cedar Crest. Some noticeable designs were graphics of Blaney Hall and the Cedar Crest Emblem. These designs gave the paper a Cedar Crest inspired look and gave individuals the ability to reflect on how the school has remained the same since its founding. 

These pieces of paper were constructed into over 30 books which are currently on display in Alumnae Hall. They will serve as a keepsake for the college community as a reminder of the 150th celebration. 

Not only was the paper made by people, but they were also able to share their stories throughout generations. Each piece of paper constructed in one of the many books has a written sentiment of someone’s time at Cedar Crest. Some students and alumnae have reflected on how the school has shaped them as an individual after graduating, while others talked about their first initial reaction to Cedar Crest. 

Overall, the books were able to show a variety of resources and opinions people had on or about the school. As well as give students a way to communicate with other students, professors, alumnae, and community members. 

Students, faculty, and staff are still able to participate in this event through the books in Alumnae Hall. Situated in the main entrance is a table with pieces of handmade paper and a pen where they may write their thoughts for Cedar Crest or hopes for what may happen in the future. 

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