App Review: Uber Eats makes its way to Allentown

 Uber is quickly becoming one of the most sought-after services for their flexibility as well as being one of the main forms of transportation. However, sometimes a ride is not what people need, but instead its food. 

Until recently, the only way to get food delivered to you was by either a business that offered delivery or Grub hub. However, most businesses were not offering delivery as it wasn’t cost effective enough for them to hire someone to deliver food and instead, just have customers pick it up. Also, if a business did offer to have delivery there is normally a big cost associated with it and it isn’t cost effective to get it delivered. 

On the other hand, Grub hub did provide people with an alternative to businesses that didn’t have a sole delivery option. The only problem was that in return people had very little options to choose from and thus, weren’t using it. Another reoccurring problem with Grub hub was the lack of attention to detail when it came to the people that were picking up your order, there seemed to be little attention to detail when it came to making sure that your order was right. Grub hub was also no to not be timely with customers waiting over an hour for food. I know that on one occasion I just ordered a taco and a drink from Moe’s and it took Grub hub over an hour and a half to get the food for me. In that time I could have just gotten an Uber over there, ordered my food, ate, and left and I still would have had time to waste before Grub hub would have even have gotten to me. 

I wish there was a way to fix this. 

Oh, wait Uber Eats. 

Uber Eats is a much better version of Grub hub that puts the client before the business. I have already ordered from them four times since their launch and everything has been fast, easy, and cheap. 

Uber Eats works very similarly to the Uber app in which clients make an account, put in their credit card information and order away. If you are already an Uber member the process is easier as you can just sign in with the number from your Uber account and all your information will be synced over including common addresses you go to and/ or order to. This makes it very easy as you don’t need to put the information of where you want food delivered every time.  

Uber Eats is also convenient for college students, as it can have a small flat rate as little as $5. This is good for us on a budget as we would probably waste that much in gas just getting to the location to buy food to begin with. 

One of the best qualities of Uber Eats is the fact on how fast they function. The longest an order has ever taken me was 15 minutes and the shortest being 10 minutes 

Uber Eats is also a constantly growing app, which means what was on the app today might have more editions tomorrow. This is a great alternative to Grub hub which didn’t seem to update their menus that often. 

Participating restaurants in Allentown include Queen City BBQ, Carmel Kitchen and Wine Bar, Little Caesars, McDonalds, and much more. 

Users can get $5 off the next order by sharing a unique code with friends and followers new to Uber Eats they’ll get $5 off their first two orders. 

To find out what your code is so you can share it, open the Uber Eats app and in the main menu tap on “Get $5 off your order. 



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