Tim Crowder’s exhibit “SMALL” opens at CCC

The art exhibit titled “SMALL” opened last night with a reception for artist Tim Crowder. The exhibit will be on display until January 1, so if you didn’t see it last night make sure to stop by the Harmon Hall of Peace.   

Crowder is known for taking well-worn art forms mainly in landscape painting and transforming them into sharp, theoretical, and sometimes humorous works of art. He was inspired by an Franz West, who declared that art must say something, be useful, and have real-world value.  A lot of Crowder’s work is based on the world around us and current event issues, including global warming, parenting, urban sprawl,  and much more.   

“The idea of making art without referencing something else interests me,” he said, when asked why he started painting. “And to paraphrase Rene Magritte- I painted them because I wanted to see them. I became serious about making art in high school. It was the only thing that excited me.”

When asked what inspired him the most for his collection, he had several quotes, including one from Richard Tuttle and one from William Carlos Williams, going through his head: ”To make something which looks like itself, therefore the problem, the solution. No ideas but in things.”  

Crowder went on to say that he did not get a college degree, in art or any other discipline.  

Students were impressed with the exhibit. “I thought the way that the art was set up was a great idea. Having 37 small thoughts along one wall then the big pieces on the other wall,” said Shannon McGee, senior chemistry major. “The art itself was well done too.” 

“My favorite painting of Tim’s was the one called Daily Concerns. The way that the some of the paintings had stairs on them and how they were all over,” said Victoria Little, freshman criminal justice major. “The box on one of the paintings meaning to me was stepping out of the box or your comfort zone.” 

Even without a college degree, Crowder was able to pursue his passion in the art industry. Being able to pursue what he loves allowed him turn his art into reflections on everyday happenings.

Make sure you check out the art show in Harmon hall before January 1st. Crowder also has more art collections that you can check out online.



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